1.      All teams must consist of 6 (six) members each

2.      Each Team must select one member of the team of six to be their Captain

3.      Each Teams members (6) must be working for the same employer

4.      Each member must be weighed and photographed at the start of the program (This photo is for use to verify items worn at initial weigh in and for comparison at the final weigh in - as well as possible use for the web site - member willing)

5.      Initial and final weigh ins must be taken on an approved scale that has been tested for accuracy by the Weight Loss Challenge Leadership

6.      Photographs taken will be used on the web site and in any advertisements unless requested in writing at the beginning of the contest by the individual concerned, emails are acceptable.

7.      Start and finish weigh ins must be made by an approved/appointed observer. Weigh ins during the midst of the competition may be made by the Team Captain or the members themselves at the Captain’s discretion

8.      Any discrepancies will be ruled on by the Weight Loss Challenge Leadership and that decision will be final

9.      Team Captains must report bi-weekly to the coordinator weights of their members (Either through the email, web site, or phone/text messaging)

10.             Team weights will be posted on the web site (individuals that wish to have their progress posted on the web site will have that option also, otherwise individual weights will be kept confidential)

11.             Any entry fees must be paid prior to the first weigh in

12.             All prizes will be awarded within 30 days of the final weigh in.

13.             Winning team must submit a photo of the whole team together at the end of the contest (for possible publication in the Teamster magazine Local 25 or International) to be posted victoriously on the web site before accepting any prizes won.

14.             Any team member that has an operation or any surgery that results in, or has the purpose of, weight loss will disqualify the whole team of which that the member was a part of

15.             Teams that do not submit their weights within 2 days of the bi-weekly weigh ins will be subject to a 1 (one) pound penalty at the end of the contest for each week missed (adding one pound to the total weight). This should not be an issue due to the fact that the Team Captain will have multiple avenues to submit weigh in weights for their teams. (Telephone numbers, email messages, text messaging, are all available ways for contacting the coordinator with the totals) This allows ample time for each team to submit entries, 2 days before the due date - the day of the due date - and 2 days after the due date allow for 5 total days to report.

16.             In the case of Death or job loss – The team members that are left will take an average of the remaining members weight loss at the final weigh in of the contest and that average will be projected to the missing member/or members.

For instance: team member #1 weighs in at the final weigh in with 22 lbs-10% weight lost

#2 has a 33 lbs-11% weight loss

#3 has a 38 lbs-13% weight loss

#4 has a 42 lbs-15% weight loss

And #5 has a 19 lbs-8% weight loss

Add 10%+11%+13%+15%=8%=57 divided by five equals an average of 11.4%

This figure will be used for the missing member’s final weigh in. We are all a sub-part of our team.

Team Captains must submit proof of departure in a timely fashion of missing members to qualify for this exception.


17.             All submitted photographs automatically become property of the Weight Challenge Leadership and will not be returned. Copies will be made at the individual participant’s request and expense. Requests for photos other than of yourself must be approved by the member(s) in the photo.

18.             Once the starting line-ups of each team have been submitted there can be no changes.

19.             Any team that has a member drop out for reason other than death or job loss will be automatically and immediately disqualified for any prizes.

20.             The Team Captain will be responsible for notifying the coordinator with updated weights bi weekly as well as gathering information of/from their teams (phone numbers-email addresses-correct spelling of names) as well as encouraging the members of that team to do their best and not to give up. Their will be extra help for the Captains in the area of finding helpful information with weight loss programs and guidance. 

21.             If the team Captain should be lost from the team for reasons previously noted, it is up to the team to elect another Captain and notify the coordinator in a reasonable time frame. Contact info can be found on the web site at

22.             Any weight loss program (other than surgical procedures) are acceptable but, you should contact your doctor before any drastic changes to your food intake or exercise regimen

23.             The leadership of the Weight Loss Challenge are in no way to be held responsible for damages or injuries incurred by participants of the weight loss challenge. Each member is personally responsible for his/her own care and researching any advice or suggestions taken before following that advice. We are all individuals and what works positively for one member could adversely affect another member. Please check with your physician before making changes or accepting advice from well meaning participants or leadership.

24.             Once a team has registered, paid, and started the contest no fees will be refunded.

25.             All monies collected will be used for prizes as follows:

          First Place Team: 70% of all collected funds

      Second Place Team: 20% of all collected funds

          Third Place Team: 10% of all collected funds

26.             There will be a Professional Photographer present at the initial weigh in and at the final weigh in also. This Photographer is receiving no compensation for their time and efforts on our behalf so donations on their behalf will be accepted and appreciated.